The Business

Today, technology offers infinite possibilities. Therefore, we continually invest in research and development in order to expand the limits of our knowledge. Creativity and initiative drive us toward the future and innovation, which distinguishes us from the norm. We work together to share our knowledge and to give the best of ourselves. The results of our teamwork help us reach the efficiency to which we aspire.

/// Mission

Contribute to the success and progress of our partners’ projects thanks to our speed, quality and state-of-the-art technology.

/// Vision

We aspire to be the leading partner in the industry of creating customized geometrically complex pieces for all non-metallic materials.

/// Values

For us, clients are partners where joint evolution is concerned. Moreover, USIMM considers transparency essential for personalized business practices. This business culture allows us to honor our commitments in terms of quality standards, performance and excellence.


word from the president

USIMM as in … Michel Massé

Cabinet maker by trade, passionate machinist and practical artist, that about sums me up. I created the company in 2000 with a dream and a desire to stretch the limits of my craft. Since then, it has been an amazing adventure with guiding values such as respecting others and delivering great work that always lives up to your expectations.

Quest for excellence is my personal and business goal in life.

2000 – USIMM is founded by Michel Massé

USIMM is a traditional woodworking company where making wooden cabinet is the priority. Any activity is therefore linked to the architectural sector. At this time, our equipment consists only of 3 axis CNC.

2010 – Acquisition of our first 5 axis CNC

The purchase of a 5 axis CNC allows us to develop the market in the industrial sector, through the possibility to make prototypes. We have perfected our experience in customized production with the help of software specifically adapted to those needs.

2012 – Purchase of a 3D scanner and promotion of the brand image

We revised our brand image and acquired our first 3D scanner to allow us to get even more out of our technological equipment. The arts then become part of our business plan as we could now enlarge or reproduce any piece with an attention to details that can’t be achieved with computer drawing.

2015 – First 3D printer at USIMM!

The 3D printer now allows us to produce pieces with micro-details that are impossible or too expensive to produce with machining. That’s why the possibilities are endless with USIMM.


Today, USIMM specializes in 3D digitization and customized fabrication services for all non-metallic materials. We find ourselves among the largest players in the industry thanks to our advanced technologies and expertise.