Unique architectural concepts for your customized designs!

Innovation, creativity, and boldness are essential values in architecture and design. We help turn your ideas into reality with our 3D scanning techniques and machining services—for unique, outstanding, and superior quality products. With USIMM, you will get a unique result with superior quality that will satisfy the higher expectations.

Using your designs, sketches or models, we can digitize and realize objects in a variety of non-metallic materials, such as wood, plastic, Lexan, foam and many others, and produce custom-made pieces that will add value to your projects.

USIMM knows the importance of visual elements in theatre, television, film, stage performances, museums, and events. Our digitization and custom machining services for all sorts of materials and sizes let you create the most extravagant and grandiose of decor accessories.

/// Possibilities :
  • Textured and molded panels
  • Components, modules and architectural structures
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  • Objects with irregular angles
  • Architectural design structures
  • Stage decor and props
  • All of the original ideas that haven’t been thought of yet!
/// Advantages :
  • No minimum quantity required
  • Creation of customized and non-standard pieces
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  • Enlargement and reproduction of objects, shapes and textures
  • All sizes accepted
  • The ability to use your own materials
  • Very fast manufacturing period
/// Our achievements in architecture and design: