Services tailored to the needs of today’s artists!

USIMM developed a 3D scanning technology and custom fabrication tailored specifically for artists. To work with such a boundless discipline, we offer a new approach to the machining of sculptures using modern, precise, efficient and time-effective tools so artists can devote more time to creation rather than production!

Thanks to our new 3D scanner, we can digitize an object, work or model while preserving every detail and without ever touching the original piece.

With the help of computer-aided drawing, you can modify, resize, copy and combine elements of the original piece all while reworking shapes and textures! Our specialized technicians can also turn any drawing, sketch or photo into a 3D file.

Those files will then take a physical shape once they are reproduced with our machining facilities, regardless of the desired size and non-metallic material desired.

/// Possibility / Offered Solutions :
  • Enlargement, reduction and reproduction of a whole piece, work or art or sculpture.
  • Allows the machining of monumental works
  • Mold making
  • 3D Modeling
More solutions offered
  • Add, remove or modify any element on the piece
  • Artwork restoration
  • Combine two elements to make one single piece
  • Creating symmetries or mirror an object
/// Advantages of customized production :
  • Works of all sizes accepted
  • Spend more time creating rather than making
  • Possible alterations on the work even once machined
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  • Flexible degrees of accuracy during machining
  • Fast, easy and simple process
  • Ability to view the work before manufacturing
/// Our achievements in artistic sector :