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3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that adds successive layers of material to obtain a physical object. The principle contrasts with traditional machining, which consists of removing the material in order to create the object.

Initially, the process was used for rapid prototyping, but its use has since expanded to the fabrication of functional pieces and works of art because of its great precision. This innovation brings a lot to the custom fabrication industry, since it can reproduce the small details that are impossible or too expensive to produce with conventional machining.

How does our technology work?
At USIMM, our 3D printing technology is BinderJet printing. Once the design is approved, the virtual 3D object is sent to the printer that creates your object. Each layer of 0.1 mm are made from a powder and a binding agent that allows it to bond. The binder is deposited on a layer of powder with pixel precision to create your customized project.
The material and its advantages
Our material, the Visijet PXL, was chosen from among the highest-quality products. The result has properties comparable to ceramics and plaster: the finished product is white, high quality, and solid, and the definition of the details is high. Besides being resistant to high temperatures, once printed, your object can be painted, sanded, bored, galvanized and even covered with wax.
3D printing is chiefly used in the production of prototypes, models, scale models, single parts, etc. The applications range from visualizing projects (architecture, the study of design or ergonomics, etc.) to industry (building, automobile production, functional parts of airplanes and consumer goods, etc.). Moreover, we also chose the technology and material to make sure our artistic clientele is impressed by the results of our 3D printing.

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