Discover our computer-aided drawing service (CAD)

The help of computer software allows the creation of a product with very precise plans and technical elements in order to make your projects possible.

An essential element of customized production, computer-aided drawing (CAD) allows you to review and modify your pieces down to the smallest detail before fabrication by adding or removing certain details.

/// What are the advantages of computer-aided drawing (CAD)?
  • Pre-fabrication control of the project: you can visualize, correct or modify it;
  • It facilitates the use of data: filing, transferring, reproduction and document management;
  • Adapts to any needs, no matter what business you’re in, if you need to modify or rework the details of a project with extreme precision.

Trust our expertise to create your projects! We use the best CAD software on the market: AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Inventor and Geomagic, to meet the needs of each area of activity.