First used in aeronautics, 5-axis machining has been constantly evolving in industries for years. This machine lets you machine complex pieces in a single go, which ensures increased productivity and precision while saving time and money. In this article, you’ll find all the information about 5-axis machining and its advantages.

Faster machining

The possibilities are endless with 5-axis machining: the shape and size of the pieces produced can differ considerably. The term “5-axis” refers to the number of directions along which the cutter can move on the piece. Thanks to 5-axis machining, the workpiece can be machined in 3 dimensions in a single step: along the linear X, Y, and Z axes while rotating along the A and B axes.

Why use 5-axis machining ?

This advanced technology lets you easily manufacture very complex pieces. Manufacturing pieces with rough and limited geometry is possible with 5-axis machining. Thanks to this method, even the construction of pieces that were once unthinkable is now possible. The related machines therefore give free rein to the imagination of engineers.

The advantages of 5-axis machining

One of the main reasons to use a 5-axis machine is that it’s perfectly capable of machining a 3-dimensional piece in a single step. For complex pieces, this machine is widely sought after, since it lets you drill and pierce defined angles very precisely.
Besides this all-important precision, 5-axis machining has many advantages when it comes to production :

  • It ensures great ease when machining 5-sided pieces.
  • It allows for continuous machining on large surfaces.
  • It lets you machine complex pieces in a single step.
  • It guarantees time and money savings thanks to the minimal number of mounting plates.
  • It ensures great precision with regard to the pieces, since they’re only worked on at one workstation.
  • It lets you use shorter outputs and cutting lengths for greater milling speed and stability with less vibration.
  • It can handle higher cutting volumes.
  • It takes care of the machining of undercut shapes.
  • It lets you obtain a high-quality surface and pieces.
  • However, there are two different types: 5-axis positioning machining and 5-axis continuous machining.

    These two types have different advantages from one another :

    5-axis positioning machining :

  • Perfect for drilling deep grooves.
  • It lets you obtain a high-quality surface and pieces.
  • It takes care of the machining of undercut shapes.
  • The use of a single assembly allows for significant time savings.
  • 5-axis continuous machining :

  • Perfect for profiling pieces.
  • Ideal for drilling deep corners and grooves.
  • It lets you obtain a high-quality surface and pieces.
  • Ability to drill with the end and the side of the tool.
  • Total protection is guaranteed against shocks.
  • Features and functions of 5-axis machining

    5-axis machine tools have numerous features that allow for perfect machining :

  • Precise finishing of each surface.
  • Swarf machining.
  • Profiling.
  • Pocket.
  • Multi-axial machining.
  • These days, the 5-axis machine tool represents a real breakthrough in the industrial field. Its performance ensures the manufacturing of complex pieces and fast, simple, and precise machining on them. Thanks to this process, you can easily save time and money on each design.