The manufacture of custom auto parts becomes easy, quick and saves costs with USIMM!

We are not at our first mandate of automotive custom parts manufacture. Once again, our customer ANIBAL AUTOMOTIVE asked for our help with the production of parts, this time for a slingshot; the three-wheeled motorcycle of Polaris! This type of vehicule is manufactured in Minnesota and distributed in very low quantities in Quebec. Only 21 car dealers have gotten the slingshot!

How can we customize a slingshot? 

The disclosure of the modify version of the vehicule will take place at the Autorama event from October 2nd to 4th 2015, at the Olympic Stadium.


The project of Anibal Automative in which we participated was to manufacture a custom luggage for the slingshot.


At first, our customer made by himself a mold of MDF for the right side of the car. This long process includes several measurements, tests and trials to make sure the product is adapted to the slingshot. Once finished, he realized that we could really help him in this project : We could make the left side!

Step 1 : 3D scanning

As we already have the right of the luggage of Anibal Automotive, we only had to scan it to obtain the exact dimensions, angles and curves of the piece. Subsequently, thanks to CAD and programming, we could get the opposite image of the scan in order to machined the opposite side.



Step 2 : 5 axis machining

We machined the left mold in foam to respect the budget and deadline of the customer. Anibal Automotive saves cost related to manufacturing and delivery because our process was much faster.

Step 3 : Final step

Our client has now the molds to complete the concept manufacturing. This time, the luggage will be in fiberglass but it will also be available in carbone fiber.

To discover in exclusivity the edited Slingshot, be present at the Autorama Even next week!

Autorama, Olympic Stadium

Autorama is an American event , where each month, the exhibition moves from a state to an other. Montreal host this event for the second time this year, don’t miss the change to be part of it!

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