The Montreal Museum of Fine Art is presenting a brand-new installation that will transform Du Musée Avenue into a pedestrian mall for the fourth year in a row. This installation invites passers-by to explore a 600-m2 maze. Designed in relation to Mount Royal, like a green belt that reflects the decorative textures of the mountain, the maze also serves as a fun way of (re)discovering the twenty-two works in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden.

This outdoor public art project is an opportunity for the MMFA to encourage local and international artists and designers to develop creative, constructive and innovative concepts, and to display them in a dedicated exhibition space. A reference in the cultural community, the Museum has taken on the mission of staying abreast of new trends and innovations and making a place for these artists within the institution.

The company NIPPAYSAGE, the winner in the MMFA’s call for invitational tenders, mandated USIMM to make 3 huge rocks serving as obstacles in the maze. Those rocks to be strong enough to support the weight of children and adults who might climb on them. The rocks were first machined polystyrene with a CNC 5-axis. The final dimensions of the rocks are more than 3 meters in diameter which is why it was necessary to rent a flat bed for transportation to the museum. It was impossible to get the pieces of this size on a regular cube! Once transported to the Museum, the shapes were painted to give the appearance of real rocks.


With its garden featuring twenty-two sculptures, the Museum bolsters the presence of public art in the heart of the city and tells the story of sculpture from the modern era to the present day. A new acquisition adds to Valérie Blass works signed by David Altmejd, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Armand Vaillancourt and others. Until August 28th, you can also enjoy a guided tour offering a narrative sculpture of the modern era to the present.

Located alongside the Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion, the CGI Sculpture Garden complements the Max and Iris Stern Garden opened in 2004 around the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion. It is the site of one of the largest public art collections in Montreal. As such, the MMFA’s Sculpture Garden is included in the five tours on Tourisme Montréal’s new public art map, which tells the story of Montreal and reveals.