Discover our 3D Scanning service!

3D Scanning technology has revolutionized our life. It has contributed enormously to improving production at the level of quality and speed. The versatility of 3D’s performance makes it possible to work on any type of project. The machining sector has greatly benefitted from this revolution through expertise in 3D Scanning.

Synonymous with precision, our 3D Scanning service simplifies and shortens the design process by making a rapid electronic copy of a physical object—regardless of its size and without having to move the object. There is no need to manipulate it; the scanners do all the work in record time.

We can easily digitize small and large parts and objects and preserve all the details. It’s ideal for creating a prototype, enlarging or reducing an object, or even developing products. 3D Scanning allows you to have a precise view of each part of the object.

/// The advantages of USIMM’s 3D Scanning
  • Possibility to digitize objects that are impossible to move with our 3D portable scan from MetraSCAN ;
  • Short conception time save you time and money ;
And many others!
  • Reproduction of objects more easily and quickly than by hand ;
  • Extreme precision in the reproduction of details, the copy is identical to the original object.
  • Ability to keep the data in the digital file for future use (if it gets damaged, stolen or lost, and for filing) ;
  • Possibility to make modifications and a 3D visualization before manufacturing.
/// Count on USIMM’s 3D Scanning for the following areas:
  • Reverse engineering ;
  • 3D modeling ;
And many others!
  • Product development ;
  • Creation of prototypes ;
  • Production of perfectly adjusted and customized molds ;
  • Reproduction of antiques ;
  • Reconstitution of damaged parts ;
  • Enlargement or reduction (scale modification) ;
  • Copying an item or part of an item (useful for filing) ;
  • Symmetry or mirror effect ;
  • And many more. Contact us for your customized project!
/// Our achievements in 3D Scanning: