3D panels are the latest trend in wall decoration. In addition to their acoustic and thermal properties, 3D wall panels are available in a wide selection, ranging from PVC to sugarcane fibre.

Relief with varied shapes

With 3D wall panels, say goodbye to the monotony of flat walls, and say hello to reliefs! While at the beginning of 3D walls, you had to limit yourself to traditional stone walls, we now find a varied selection of patterns. Whether it’s in the form of bubbles, Tetris, numbers, trees, hieroglyphs, fleur-de-lys, ripples imitating waves or sand dunes, or many other shapes, you’re guaranteed to find a pattern that suits you and to create a totally original interior design.

Fully adaptable décor

In addition to providing a totally personal touch, 3D panels can be cut freely using a table saw or specialized machining equipment, making it possible to create integrations for switches and outlets, as well as niches for housing a frame, lamp, statuette, plant, or whatever you want!

When it comes to the problems of walls with rough patches, rather than re-applying a coating or installing a fibreglass fabric, why not turn to 3D panels and take care of two problems at once: opt for originality while hiding the defects in your walls.

Ready-to-paint 3D panels

With ready-to-paint 3D panels, the décor in your living rooms is totally personalized. Just apply a coat of primer, two or three coats of acrylic paint, and achieve matte, shiny, or glossy effects. For perfectionists, nothing’s stopping you from making trompe-l’œil, semi-plain, or even tone-on-tone effects, and voilà! Between the originality of the reliefs and the custom colour you’ve chosen, you’re sure to create a totally unique interior design.

Ready-to-install 3D panels

For busier people or those allergic to handiwork, it’s best to choose ready-to-install 3D wall panels. Already coloured or painted, they just need to be screwed in or attached to the wall to start working their magic. Protected by a waterproof PVC resin, ready-to-install panels are also a suitable product for dressing up the kitchen splashback or the bathroom.

When originality and ecology come together

Today, we find a full range of wall panels that, in addition to bringing a unique and modern design to the rooms in your house, are natural, respectful of the environment, and 100% eco-friendly. These are panels made from:

  • natural wood
  • bamboo fibres
  • sugarcane fibres, an innovative eco-product with multiple properties, a sort of fully recyclable straw that comes from crushing sugarcane.

MDF 3D panels for added strength

For homes with small children who tend to stick their fingers in the panels or large clumsy people who bump into the walls, it’s best to choose a heavy-duty coating such as MDF. Fibreboard panels stand up to any challenge and can be painted, stained, or lacquered.

Easy to install, 3D wall panels undoubtedly provide modernity and originality. And whether you’re a handyman or simply a fan of beautiful interiors, everyone is sure to find a style that suits them from among the numerous models available on the market.