Every members of the Chinook science club at ETS innovate to produce a wind-powered car for a competition who takes place every year in Netherlands.

In a context of climate change and increasing energetic demand, their mission is to develop this vehicle to explore alternatives offered by renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels once.


In order to support their development activities, USIMM was mandated to produce the molds for the axle.

The surface of the models was at first manufactured in MDF and was then treated with a finish in polyester for achieving the axle. The upper mold was manufactured in prepreg carbon for the speed process and on the other hand, the lower mold was made of fiberglass / high temperature epoxy resin, because it had to be split into two parts for easy removal.

The Chinook club believes in technological and technical innovation, teamwork, ambition and passion. They are committed to push limits of engineering in energy efficiency and to excel in the field of sustainable design. USIMM is proud to contribute to their success.

Vice-World champions in 2011 and world champion in 2012, Chinook 3 aims this year to break the record of the competition!